Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fennel - Carillon Air

Carillon Air is the name of the new 13 minute Fennel piece available through bandcamp and, more excitingly, absence of wax. As this blog has become a de facto repository of Fennel recordings, I'm dropping it off here with one of my summaries. The core of the piece was assembled from field recordings made in Berkeley and Riverside, CA. Early in January I bought a melodica for playing when I couldn't get around to a piano. Not much of a substitute for a piano, but the thing has its charms, and it really got me thinking a lot more about (what else?) melodic concerns than I had been previously.

In Carillon Air the melodica, layered against itself, provides harmony in the first section, a kind of prelude. From then on it plays a strictly melodic role and there is no more overdubbing. The lines were culled from a lengthy improvisation session recorded in a garden one gray (but still very beautiful) morning.

This piece is my first conscious attempt to record something which could be taken for the audio track of a short film - not just the musical score, but also sound effects, dialog, natural ambiance and all. Though I was concerned with the music moving forward in a coherent way, I didn't really have an imaginary film running in my mind while making this, so the 'plot' is highly ambiguous - I focused on feeling and the interaction of dissimilar sounds (my basic working approach from the start of this project).

Downloadable through either link above. More music coming, always...
& thanks again, Devin Sarno!